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TimTalk 9 

TimTalk 9 is a Windows based software to be used in connection with the TIM900 Titration Manager from Radiometer Analytical S.A. TimTalk offers 100% remote control of the TIM900 including titration method management, live titration curves and storage of titration data. For GLP purposes password protected operator selection can be used. In TimTalk you can handle methods of the following type: Inflection point (incremental and continuous), Endpoint, Karl Fischer, pH-stat, Reagent addition, Direct measurement and Coupled.

If a conductivity meter is connected to the PC, direct measurements of conductivity can be carried out as well.

If a balance is connected to a serial port on the PC, sample weights can be transferred on-line to the TimTalk Sample Stack.

Included with TimTalk is the “TimTalk 9 Data Interface” which allows you to extract data directly from the TimTalk database and import these data into other programs..


bullet8 different modes of operation
bulletCoupled methods (up to 8 methods can be coupled together)
bulletOn-line connection of conductivity meter
bulletOn-line transferring of sample weights from balance
bulletControl of sample changer
bulletUnlimited number of electrodes can be defined
bulletUnlimited number of titrants can be defined
bulletUnlimited number of sample changer set-ups
bulletUnlimited number of methods in a sample changer set-up
bulletUnlimited number of sample lists
bulletStandard formula library
bulletQC limits can be specified for result values (min., max. and std. dev.)
bulletSamples can be marked as QC samples having different QC limits
bulletRecalculation of results
bulletUser defined formulas (up to 8 formulas in a single method)
bulletCalculation of pK values
bulletStatistics with optional automatic reset (e.g. for double determinations)
bulletAutomatic titer determination (e.g. a mean of several values)
bulletQC values for titer determinations (min., max, max. std. dev.)
bulletAutomatic pH calibration using a sample changer
bulletQC values for automatic calibrations (min/max zero point and sensitivity)
bulletLive titration curves
bulletOptional autoscaling of curves
bulletCurve overlay with printout in colour
bulletUnlimited number of users
bullet5 different user levels
bulletControl of auxiliary signals for external equipments
bulletExport of result data in text files for use in other programs
bulletActiveX interface to allow other programs to access data
bulletStandard and compressed result printouts
bulletContext-sensitive online help

In the above list, the term "unlimited" is used to indicate that the program does not set any limits for the listed items. Hard disk space is used to store data and must of course be available in order to store the desired amount of data.



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